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hi, welcome to my website, bubbly! j i go by the user catgrrl online, but you can just call me cat! m this is my first website and i'm learning as i go. i'm completely self taught! l only some pages are working atm, so please be patient as i make them. q i work on this site in bursts when i feel inspired, and it's all made with love. R


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04.08.24 diary & resource pages down
04.03.24 FINALLY fixed homepage
01.19.24 revamping home page
12.07.23 diary page back up
12.04.23 made a resources page
12.01.23 updated about page
11.18.23 started diary
11.17.23 working on site
11.16.23 tweaks on about
11.15.23 started about
11.14.23 added container bg
11.13.23 added fake ads + blinkies
11.12.23 added gifypet + small tweaks
11.11.23 added winamp


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"jesus will make me a disciple, or maybe he'll let me be your cat."